Hunt Valley Wealth can help professionals like you maximize your financial potential and make the most of your peak earning years.

Your professional skills and training give you the opportunity to accumulate significant wealth over the course of your career. But the demands of your job may mean you don’t have time to sit down and build a plan for what to do with that wealth.

Your work allows you to leave your unique mark on the world. Our work involves managing the complexities of your financial life so you can focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.

One Client’s Story
A husband and wife came to us for help managing the various moving pieces of their financial lives.

He is a doctor, and his wife takes care of their young children; their lives are busy and there has not always been time to manage their finances.

After gathering more detail about their financial life, we learned that they had questions about saving for retirement and their children’s education, among other planning goals.  We worked together to craft a custom solution that addressed all their needs and positioned them well for the future.

How We Helped

  1. Developed a comprehensive financial plan that established a clear goal amount for the couple to have saved by the time they reached retirement age, and reviewed their current retirement contributions to determine whether any adjustments needed to be made
  2. Identified the couple’s peak earning years and outlined how their financial plan would adjust during that window to maximize their financial potential
  3. Being a one income household was a big concern if the husband was to become disabled, therefore, we analyzed the current disability insurance coverage in place and made recommendations to fill the shortfall
  4. Audited the couple’s life insurance coverage to ensure their children were taken care of in the event of a premature passing
  5. Established estate planning needs, including charitable giving, and worked with them to implement
  6. Established a pledged asset line of credit, using their investment portfolio as collateral, for unexpected short-term cash needs

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