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Our Philosophy

We believe owning equity in businesses and patiently letting their value compound is the best way to build long-term wealth.

We seek to buy competitively-advantaged businesses run by trustworthy and intelligent managers. In our view, a business is worth the cash that it will generate during its lifetime, discounted by an appropriate rate of return. We view stocks as shares of businesses, and, by extension, we value a stock as if we were valuing the entire business.

Our intrinsic value estimate frames our discipline, from which we form our buy and sell decisions. We do not view volatility as risk, but rather as a source of opportunity. Our risk analysis focuses on avoiding permanent loss of capital.

A patient long-term approach enables us to look past short-term noise and let our clients’ capital compound uninterrupted over long periods of time.


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Our Process

We are business analysts, first and foremost. We focus our research on the intrinsic qualities of companies and the underlying drivers of sustainable value creation. We filter investment ideas from a large investable universe into a select group of high-quality businesses which meet our strict criteria.

Our proprietary fundamental analysis enables us to more accurately value the business and invest with a higher level of conviction. Once we identify and understand an opportunity, we use a committee approach through which all members of our investment team make a collective decision.

We construct custom portfolios for each client, tailored to their specific needs and stage of life. Most client portfolios are concentrated and typically contain between 15 and 30 equity positions. We believe that this focused strategy allows us to capitalize on our best ideas while providing sufficient diversification to eliminate most of the idiosyncratic risks of each holding.

Security Selection Process

We construct custom portfolios for each client, tailored to their specific needs and stage of life.

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