Family and Legacy

How do you want to be remembered?
We can help you define a meaningful legacy and work towards it.

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Legacy Wealth

All of our work is through the lens of Legacy Wealth: the concept of building wealth throughout retirement so that you may leave more to your family and community.

To begin this process, we help to define what a meaningful legacy means to you and your family, knowing that for each client the answer will be a bit different.

Once we understand your priorities and goals, we then help drive your legacy plan forward and manage the moving pieces on the road ahead.

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Family Engagement

Wealth has the potential to continue on for generations — or even in perpetuity — if managed correctly. A central part of this work is family engagement, and that’s why we help educate and empower the next generations of wealth stewards in your family. The goal of all of this is to help ensure that the next generation of family leaders are ready for the opportunities and responsibilities that come with generational wealth, when the time comes for them to lead.

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