If you are a business executive, Hunt Valley Wealth can help you leave your unique mark on your company and maximize your financial potential.

Your responsibilities as a corporate executive are endless. You have hundreds of decisions to make on a daily basis, and each one has the potential to dramatically impact the future of your company, the lives of everyone who works there, and your own personal financial picture.

Your role gives you the opportunity to leave your unique mark on the business and even the world, but that opportunity comes with a lot of complexity. We may not be able to simplify your work, but we can simplify your personal wealth management.

One Client’s Story
A busy executive at a large multinational corporation came to us for help organizing his personal financial picture.

The executive’s job responsibilities kept him so busy that he hadn’t had an opportunity to create a personal financial plan for himself and his family.

Through our conversations, we learned that like most high-level corporate executives, a sizeable portion of his earnings came from a complex equity compensation package comprised of a variety of assets, including a company-sponsored 401(k), an executive benefit program, and performance-based profit-sharing. He was concerned about potential future tax liability and he worried that his existing estate plan was not enough.

How We Helped

  1. Reviewed his benefit package and outlined the tax implications of each component part
  2. Established a predefined schedule to strategically reallocate company stock to gradually reduce concentration risk within his portfolio
  3. Explored additional diversification strategies for concentrated holdings such as exchange funds and risk management techniques using option strategies
  4. Worked with the client, his family, and his estate planning attorney to identify key areas of the estate plan that needed to be shored up
  5. Helped the client with lending needs, using his investment portfolio as collateral instead of selling highly appreciated securities and incurring a large capital gain tax bill
  6. Helped the client establish a charitable gifting strategy that would allow him to reduce his tax liability while helping those in need

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